Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What do we think about utility rooms?

Yesterday, I installed a single panel of peg board in our utility room (I love my drill!), so that we could justify the collection of tools that wound up in the house over the winter...
I desperately want to patch, mud, tape, sand, prime and paint the utility room...to make it look pretty.

Am I crazy?  After all, its just a utility room - right?  Tell me, if we put our house on the market tomorrow...would a pretty utility room make any difference to you, as a potential buyer?? (we aren't selling - don't worry)


  1. Love the peg board. We have that in our garage but J painted it black. I wouldn't bother about making it pretty. As a buyer, I'd be happy that there was one place that I could comfortably stash messy stuff like paint and tools without worrying about getting something that was pretty, dirty.

    You know?

  2. A unfinished utility room would not stop me from buying a house. BUT a finished one would appeal to my crazy virgo senses. It's all about the details. It would make we think of how much you cared for your house right down to the utility room.