Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Move over tree?

We had this GORGEOUS river birch (or beech?, I don't know the difference) tree planted today.
 The tree is amazing...its lacey leaves and distressed bark are sooo beautiful! 
Here's the thing, I don't like the placement of it.  It really really bothers me!  The plan was to plant three in this tiny space behind the deck.  I want them to move the initial tree over and centre all three on the deck...
Moving it over would close the gap at the end (see our neighbor's door?).  Why didn't they put it there? Our old and inoperable air conditioner unit was left in the corner. (I never told the landscapers to remove it, so its my fault)
What do you think?  Does the tree need to move over two to three feet?   Or am I being crazy?
Maybe if they mash them really close together it will be fine....but I see where they dug the second hole and I'm not quite on board.

RESOLUTION: Planting two trees along side of deck (second tree will be evenly spaced along the deck, so the two trees are more or less the same distance from the corners of the deck)....the third tree will be returned to the nursery for a TREEBATE!  Overtime the trees will fill out the space!


  1. If it bothers you, it most likely will never stop bothering you. It's probably placed with enough clearance for the root ball in relation to the A/C so you definitely need to remove it to move it over. Get them to fix it now before they continue planting the rest though, it's not easy to move a tree once their roots are established!

    P.S. It is a birch.

  2. get them to move it...if it bugs you will bug you later.

  3. Move it. Better now than when it takes root. Ditch the dead air-con while you're ticking stuff off the list. As you enter your 3rd trimester, you will be glad you did, cuz if you're like me, it will keep you awake at night while you're scrubbing bathrooms at 3:00 am!

  4. Definitely move it. The idea of a row of three is terrific: it will provide beautiful screening and privacy. And if it's driving you crazy now, it'll never stop.

  5. I think you should move the tree if it is bothers you.. But the rest, I loved your outdoor place, very relaxing and comfortable. Kids would love to play in this place.