Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dinner time


Tonight I am going to throw some zuchinni and tomatoes onto a pan and roast them in olive oil in the oven...then toss it with pasta...

I may google an actual recipe first in case there is an obvious ingredient I am missing!  I really am not a great cook...I think I read something like this in a Martha magazine once...


  1. buffalo mozzarella. Add a bit to the hot pasta at the end. DELICIOUS!

  2. Looks yummy! One of my fave fallbacks is super easy -
    cook some noodles (rotini or penne or some short pasta that has some heft to it)
    while the noodles are cooking, chop up a couple of tomatoes and some baby spinach and a couple of cloves of garlic (I use two). Crumble some feta.
    Drain the past once it's cooked.
    Drizzle some olive oil into the pot, then add the garlic. Let it sizzle.
    Throw in the tomatoes and spinach. Cook until they are kind of wilty, then return the pasta to the pot. stir it to combine. After it's cooked for a minute or two - add the feta. Cook that for a minute or two.
    Aaaaand you're done.
    It's healthy and fast and really delicious!
    Your pasta recipe reminded me of this one (which I just made tonight!) so I thought I'd share!

  3. yummm... :) let us know how it turned out

  4. I did the same thing tonight with some chicken! We have a TON of zucchini and grape tomatoes right now!

  5. mmm.. throw in some garlic, bocconcini, chevre, and fresh basil. :)

  6. It was deeeeelicious....just added a touch of salt to the oil when roasting...otherwise, I stuck with these four ingredients

    It was really sweet, and savoury...at the same time!

  7. Why didn't garlic even cross my mind??? Wow this would be a good combo!!!

  8. yummmy! I will try this when I can eat feta again!!! (its on the pregnancy hit list)