Thursday, August 18, 2011

House envy

I have a ridiculous case of house envy at the moment...instead of seeing pretty images and thinking 'oh, that looks pretty'...I think 'where did I go wrong?'.....this happens every once and a while - and lasts a couple weeks...then I go back to loving my own four walls. 

In the meantime, I am on a mission to warm things up around here...these two items will be coming soon!
Harper Multi Runner, Crate and Barrel

Ludde Sheepskin, IKEA

Please tell me I am not the only one to have serious house envy from time to time...


What are your fall must haves for the home?


  1. I totally get it. I love my house but sometimes when I go to a friend's place or see something particularly nice on the internet, I have some envy. It usually goes away though.

    I love the colourful runner!

  2. As a renter, I have house envy all the time. =S I'd really love to get a new rug for the living room this fall. I'm totally in love with Elte's second life British flag rug...

  3. I pretty much always feel this way. Probably because I have an interior design background, expensive taste but on a beer budget. Love design blogs but they can get to you after a while because you can see all the incredibly creative spaces out there that you know you could adapt to your own home if you only had the time, the money etc.....sigh....

    Your house is lovely and today I read a post on French By Design that said "Have Less. Do More, be More". Good words just sometimes hard when you have the design curse :-)

  4. I have house envy all. the. time. We have too much stuff and I never learned how to cope with clutter very well, so it just piles up. How does everyone with a roof over their head do it when I can't seem to pull it together?

    Also, 2 storey houses. Don't tell my bungalow that I'm secretly plotting my escape into a grogeous house with stairs.

  5. all the time. I feel bad for having it too because I know I'm lucky to have what I have. But then i just convince myself that there is no harm in dreaming big. :)