Monday, August 22, 2011

Matchy matchy

We popped into Costco on the weekend...we have a membership, but we really don't go that fact, most of the time, my husband goes by himself (he is a great grocery shopper without a list - and a darn fine cook too!)
Anyways, we walked out with a new set of Lagostina that matches our existing set (Our existing set is from 2003 and even though its the same pattern, the new set is thinner/lighter...but we can live with that!)

Now we have some 'vintage' silverware (from my grandmother), as well as the odd piece from ikea, that's up for me if you need some utensils!!!
My motto used to be, 'you can never have enough silverware'...but I changed my tune now that we have 18 of everything...

UPDATE: I know, I know, I am the most boring-est blogger on earth! I just blogged about silverware and pork chops (if you read the fine print)...I don't get out much, OK!!

ps. there is a recipe for ginger soy pork chops in the latest edition of Martha Stewart living that looks unbelievably good...I will let you know how they turn out!


  1. on a completely unrelated note...i know you are doing the transportation theme for your son's room...(me too kind of..i still have yet to hang things up...and in the collection phase of it all!)...but saw this neat shadow box idea...


  3. Wow, I recognize a couple of those silverware patterns from my youth!

  4. I've been wanting new silverware. We use a bunch of mis-matched leftover sets... don't even know how we collected all of them. I'm kind of craving a set that all matches.

  5. My first time to find your blog and you have silverware! Awesome:). I have my grandmother's that looks alot like what you have in your knife pic. I, too, think that sometimes "you can never have enough" and I'm trying to work thru that but you have silverware!?! I guess I can work on that "never enought" problem tomorrow. lol Email me about that stuff if you'd like. Thanks!

  6. Oh I don't have your email!!!

    I was flipping through a 1990's good housekeeping magazine (random, I know), and saw a betty crocker silverware mail order advertisement...10 EXCLUSIVE patterns...some of them are the same as above!