Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thrifty Sunday!

Only two Duralex, France soup bowls...I wish there were 10!  You know I am going to haunt ebay and etsy until others show up!

Milk glass- of course...I haven't tried arranging flowers in these scalloped (would you call that scalloped?) edged vases, but I think it will hold them so well!

Poppies and daisies, 12" melamine platter.  Can you use melamine with hot food from the barbecue? No matter, it goes well with my vintage tin poppy tray

Three more mini mason jars...I should probably find out the retail price and see if I am paying too much!


  1. I saw a milk glass just like that on my last thrift trip! Didn't get it because the glass was stained, but it looks lovely!

  2. The mason jars are $7.69 for a dozen at Canadian Tire, so roughly $0.64 a piece.

  3. Thank GP! I guess I should stick to retail for some things! I hardly ever walk into a retail store...or open a flyer...

  4. Ha. I only knew they had mason jars at Canadian Tire because I was looking for some to can some items for a feature wall (a la Jamie Kennedy) in my kitchen. :)