Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favorite new toy

Here is my son's latest favorite.  It is no coincidence that it was also one of our favorites growing up.  My parents have a bunch of fisher price sets, with most of the poeple and accessories.  Lucky for me (I mean, the boys) we will get to bring them home!

I wish I could find these toys at the thrifts.  Sure, you see them on ebay...but the prices are outrageous.  Have you ever run across vintage fisher price while out thrifting?  Do your parents have a stash in their basement or garage? 


  1. I often run across vintage FP sets at my local Value Village. Unfortunately they never include the people or accessories. I remember seeing some of the little people on Etsy a while ago, might be worth a look!
    My inlaws kept lots of my husband's old Playmobil toys that our boys are now enjoying.

  2. My Dad sold the family home last year so I got a bunch of my fisher-price toys (the playhouse and the village (which is amazing!). I haven't decided what to do with them but I can't seem to get rid of them. I've never seen them at thrift stores but I have seen some of the pull toys at the big antique shows like Christie. There are a few on etsy:
    but some of the prices are ridiculous!

  3. My parents have a TON of little people and they are my daughter's favorite thing to play with. We often find that she has snuck some of them home from Grandma and Grandpa's house. My parents have the school, the pool, the house and tons and tons of people and cars!

  4. oooh I love this one! We never had this one, but my mum kept just about every other set we have, including the house with all the furniture, the garage, the circus train and all the people and their funny cars. The boys love them! This one is awesome...

  5. That is super fabulous!!! I've never seen that set. My parents have a bunch of fisher price, but I'm from a family of girls, so we didn't have the car garage or dump trucks. My fave set was the station wagon with tent-trailer and all of the camping gear!