Friday, September 9, 2011


The winner from last week's giveaway is:


I have taken stock of my growing hoard of treasures tucked into every recess of our home, and decided to clear out a few odds and ends.  Therefore, SEPTEMBER IS GIVEAWAY MONTH!  I will hold a draw for something small each Friday during September - Five Fridays, five draws, five small things.  Tiny things that are easy to ship (I hope).  

Here is the second item: a vintage avon owl perfume bottle - perfect for your dressing table!
It measures 3 1/4 inches tall (18ml bottle).  No chips, no cracks...a musky scent inside.  I picked him up at a Value Village in Barrie, Ontario. 

This giveaway is sponsored by: ME...because you guys are awesome!  To enter:

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2) Leave a comment

Check back next Friday to see if you won!

Good Luck!


  1. I love your giveaways :) I wish I had a blog to give away nice things I don't have room for.

  2. OK... that is super cute! I just found your GFC tool (duh), so I'm finally following!

  3. I'm in because my grandmother had a HUGE collection of avon perfume bottles when I was growing up. They were on a tallboy dresser in the bathroom. I don't know what happened to them when she died but every time I see these, I think of her.
    Oh, and I love owls! :)

  4. As I have said before, best giveaway month ever!

  5. If it's an owl, I MUST have it. *Fingers crossed*

  6. This is so sweet, thanks Shannon! I can definitely use a little picker-upper after having spent 15 hours with my husband at the ER. Thankfully it's all over now.

  7. OH NO! I hope he is ok!!!!! I sent you an email...let me know where I can mail the salt and pepper shakers!!!!!!!!

  8. Michelle @ AM Dolce VitaSeptember 13, 2011 at 10:24 PM

    Thanks Shannon. He is slowly getting better. For some reason I haven't received your email yet. Could you please resend to instead? Thanks!