Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is summer over!?

If this blueberry tart* could talk, it would say, "Summer is not quite over!" 

Do you agree with the tart? Or are you ready to let go of summer?

Ps. I REALLY WANT A MILK GLASS CAKE PLATE. Except I am not willing to spend big bucks for one at an antique store.

*The recipe turned out...but I think it's way too sweet!


  1. Nat @ style-ing with childrenSeptember 6, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    I'm ready for sweaters and tights and scarves and boots! Bring on the fall, I'm sick and tired of my summer wardrobe.

    I can't wait to wear sequins, I can't wait to put away summer silver and turquoise jewelry and replace it with gold, onyx and pearls.

    Or am I the only one who switches up her jewelry with the seasons?

  2. Your tart turned out really well! I agree with the tart however the weather seems to think that summer is over. Also the playground across the street from us is dead. No more summer camps, no more splash pad.

  3. I'm ready for it to be fall, but it's supposed to be in the upper 90's this week, so I think I'll enjoy the sun and warmth while I can.

    That tart looks DELICIOUS!

  4. I am SO not ready for summer to be over. A few more weeks would be fine by me. Harumpf.
    (The tart looks delicious!)

  5. its freezing right now! ooh how i want to eat that tart with some yummy coffee...to bad I'm doing a stupid juice detox!

  6. Emphatic "NO". People need to stop talking about summer in the past tense. I like summer . . . I know I sound like a crabby child but winter makes me crabby and I can see it, just around the corner.