Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celebration: The Versatile Blogger Award

Jordana, from White Cabana awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you!!!!

The idea is to tell you 7 things about myself, and pass the award along to 15 other bloggers.

Here goes:
1) I have my CFA designation
2) I love snacking, especially popcorn, and I love all breakfast food.  Not crazy about dinner. 
3) I had zero cavities for 32 years, and then developed two cavities during my first pregnancy.  I think I have a third in my not-so-distant future.
4) I am turning 34 next week.
5) The only show I watch on TV is Gossip Girl (although I always catch it later in the week online).
6) I have my driver's license, but I don't drive.  I walk or take transit everywhere. 
7) I want to go to Falling Water

Here's looking at you:
1) Life Begins at Thirty, Right?  
2) Designwali
3) Cinnamon & Post
4) Jane's Next Door
5) ModFruGal
6) Okay, Now What?
7) Smart Alec
8) First Time Fancy
9) Wicked & Weird
10) Just bella
11) Dans le Townhouse
12) Roncesvalles Victorian Reno Diary
13) AM Dolce Vita

Thanks Jordana!


  1. I loved reading about these tidbits from your life! Thanks for passing the award onto me!

  2. Great tidbits-i've managed no cavities even through two pregnancies...supposedly one of 2 percent of Canadians... I know i am lucky!

  3. i love breakfast food too....thanks for the award..hmm now the hard part, what do I say?

  4. Awesome lists! I love finding out about new blogs to read.
    I'm with you on the breakfast food - I could eat it for every meal! The only show I watch on tv is The Amazing Race. I never got into Gossip Girl which is surprising. Is it coming to an end or am I just imagining things?
    Jordana :)

  5. Fun list! Thanks for the award...I'll have to think on this one!

  6. This is so cool! Love to know more about you this way. I remember years ago during my MBA I was so determined to get my CFA only to give up after Level 1. I am also turning one year old next week...Wednesday exactly. How about you?

  7. Thanks for the award! So sweet. Loved your list... I'm totally impressed that walk & take transit everywhere!

  8. My b-day is Nov 5! Happy Birthday to us!

  9. NK_StyleingwithChildrenOctober 27, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    The two shows I enjoy are Gossip Girl and House. Gossip Girl is my fashion fix since Sex and the City ended. I know it is very strange to compare these two shows, but I think 60% of my motivation to watch them was for the clothes :)

    thanks so much for motivating me, now I just need to come up with things I want to tell about myself! :)

  10. Thanks for the sweet mention, Shannon!

    and nice work on the cavities, I'm in awe haha.

  11. Amazing - thanks Shannon! And I am the oposite in terms of cavities - when I got my braces off I needed 13 filled. No fun. :(

  12. Thank you sweet Shannon...or should I say smarty-pants Shannon with her CFA! oxox

  13. Thanks Shannon! Love the tidbits of info! I'll pay it forward soon soon!