Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rummage Sale

My favorite rummage sale ever took place this morning...I must have been in a fairly strange mood, because I picked up things that normally I wouldn't even look at.  What I mean is, I bought these three textiles:
A pink, peach, green and purple Mexican blanket (I have a kelly green, white and black one that I have held onto since highschool, and I recently took it out of storage - mostly to sigh over - it hasn't found a place in my home).  I don't really know what I will do this one either, but I picture laying them down at the park to watch fireworks when the kids are older...
A wool throw blanket.  I love the pattern.  I think I need to dry clean it.  Wool means dry clean only, right?  I have an idea of where this will go - I will show you if it works out. (After I get it out of the dry cleaners - definitely dry clean, no?)
This small rag rug runner in gold and green.  It was $1 and I don't have a place for it now, but I loved it!

A golden pyrex bowl - and an update of the kitchen shelves....I better take it easy, I have no idea how much weight these shelves are meant to hold. 
Another platter - an everyday item we will actually use!  We broke two platters about a month I am on the hunt for replacements.  Although, collecting pretty platters may become my latest addiction.

This (useless?) little red basket.  I like - very much.

Don't forget to enter the Vintage French Tin Giveaway - draw is tomorrow! 

UPDATE: We gave the wool throw a rinse + spin with the Eucalan wash, now it is drying on the deck.
Its seems pretty good, but I feel like I have little fibers at the back of my throat that I just can't swallow. 


  1. The wool throw blanket is gorgeous! I've had good luck washing woolens in cold water on the gentle cycle with mild detergent (sometimes in a mesh bag depending on how delicate it is) and hang-drying.

  2. No need to dry clean wool. If you go to a textile shop you can buy no rinse delicate wash. You pour a capful into a washing machine of tepid water, let it soak for awhile then spin & lay to dry. Its how I clean my cashmere sweaters.

  3. The Eucalan website (the link's on my post) has great how-to and instructions. I lifted this, but check it out in more detail on the site:

    Hand Wash:

    Add Eucalan* to basin.

    Fill basin with tepid water.

    Insert article and soak for 15 min. (minimum).

    Squeeze article gently to incorporate water and soap through fibres.

    Pull article out of water and squeeze out excess water. Do not twist.

    Follow drying instructions below.


    Machine Wash:

    Front Load Machine:

    Select Rinse and Spin cycle. Cold or tepid water.

    Add Eucalan** to fabric softener drawer.

    Load articles into machine and start cycle.

    Follow drying instructions below.

    Top Load Machine:

    Add Eucalan** to machine.

    Select gentle cycle and add cold or tepid water.

    Stop machine. Add articles.

    Allow to soak 15 min. (minimum).

    Gently squeeze articles to incorporate soap and water through fibres.

    Spin water out.

    Follow drying instructions below.

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    Hey Shannon - I just came across this and thought of you -