Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thanks Lindsay!

I was lucky enough to win a personalized cotton bag full of tea from Lindsay.  When it arrived in the mail, the envelope it came in was jammed full of treats! 

Some pretty chevron cards, two stamped bags for trucks and trains, along with the most delightful smelling bag full of tea!  The note cards are wonderful - extra thick card stock and vibrant colors!
A cheerful hand-written note topped it off!  I can't imagine the service she provides to customers!!!!

Thanks so much Lindsay!  You made my day!


  1. That Lindsay is such a sweetie...

  2. Those are great... I've been looking at business cards, I think I might have to get some from Lindsay!

  3. Oh yay! I'm so glad it arrived. Sorry for the delay in my reply. Hope the little guy likes his own little bags for his treasures! xo Linds

  4. Ooh these are my fav of the correspondence cards! That Lindsay is one sweet and talented Lady :D Congrats on the win!!

  5. LUCKY!! I heart suprises in the mail!