Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I heard this song for the first time, and for the one-millioneth time today


I am feeling incredibly UN-hip...can a mom be hip?

- I put in a request for a radio, something easy for me to use, with good sound. I really miss music (wheels on the bus doesn't count)...
- Today is day three of 2 kiddies, 1 is better than I could have imagined...besides the fact that my two-year old is stuffed up, and keeps handing me boogers to toss into the trash for him: "here you go mama"...GROSS!
- Our Christmas cards are ready...well, ready to be sent off to the printer-guy...two of my photos made it into the card this year! Whoo-hoo
- I am craving NYC! Just a short weekend this point I think it will have to wait until Spring...Maybe we can escape to Langdon Hall instead?  We are thinking California (not sure where in CA) in the first half of 2012...BUT, if I could drop everything and take the family anywhere, it would be to Barcelona...
- I want a slouchy black turtleneck (with a chunky collar that holds up, not a cowl)...I used to have one in first year university.  I wish I had held on to was shrunken and had holes in it by the time I let it go...I can remember what it felt like wearing that sweater while walking down bloor street past the old varsity stadium (where the TD bank machines used to be, and there was always 1-3 vagabonds hanging around) ...going to the Club Monaco to look at clothing I couldn't possibly afford at the time.  
- I started wearing concealer again - it is a miracle product!


  1. Some days I feel way too "un-hip" to be a mom. : )

    Also, I've been dying to go to New York lately! I've always wanted to go in December!

  2. Last time I was in NYC was in 2005...way too long! Have you looked at the Tivoli radios? I love the sound and the look of them...
    Nice to see you back and that you are doing well with the two little ones.

  3. Oh I use to wear my black turtleneck and walk on bloor passing Varsity. Totally know which bank machine you are talking about. Loved those days. Glad you are doing well with your little monkeys.

  4. If you find that perfect sounding turtleneck, please share! I'd put it on my Christmas wish list too!

  5. Hey Shannon! Glad to see you're posting again! :) Hope all is well with your boys.
    I don't want to make you feel unhip...but...the song was one of the songs of the summer. I'm glad you've now put a radio on your wishlist!
    Congrats on getting your Christmas cards done. I took the first step today and I bought a bunch of stamps. :)
    p.s. Barcelona - one of my absolute favourite cities. Take me with you!

  6. Shannon (8foot6) MolenaarNovember 23, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    Ha! Figures!!!
    It wouldn't have surprised me if you said the song was from 2010!

  7. it wouldn't surprise me if the song was from 2010!

    baby is pretty far...I bet we could travel all the way to Barcelona with him, no probs!

  8. That is such a good song. Great for working out to!

  9. And I'm sure he'd LOVE Barcelona! Think of all the music you could catch up on during that flight.
    Thanks for the concealer tip. I'm putting it on my shopping list. Thank goodness there's a Sephora here in London, Ontario!

  10. Lev's favorite song. We have dance parties. Its an instant classic.