Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Our holiday cards have arrived!!

A few weeks ago, Rambling Renovators recommended tinyprints for holiday greeting cards. We weren't entirely happy with our 2010 cards, so we thought we would try tinyprints out.  The quality is beautiful!  Last year's cards looked as if they were printed on a 1993 bubble jet that was out of ink - that is to say, quite faded.  This year, we once again selected the matte option (instead of glossy) but the colour is crisp and bright.  True to what we see on the monitor.  All in all I am perfectly pleased and I expect to use them again next year!

(I didn't want to show too much of the card, because that will ruin the surprise!)


  1. aww your baby looks adorable! i got mine from shutterfly & LOVE THEM. now...when to carve out the time to write & send them out!

  2. I used tinyprints in the past and have been very happy. I also used minted and love those even more (thicker paper). This year we are using cards created by our daughter at school - they were part of a fundraiser, quality isn't as nice, but it's art and the money goes to the school.
    I love the shades of blue.

  3. love tiny prints! they have great designs to pick from, we made a holiday postcard last year

  4. Awesome! I'm always pleased with Tiny Prints' quality and quick delivery. Looks like you had great family pics to use on your card. So glad you're happy with them.

  5. from what i can see they look great! i won a bunch of cards from shutterfly... of course we haven't gotten the perfect shot of our girls yet so i haven't acutally ordered them yet... hoping that's not where you got your cards from last year.