Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Basket from Antique Mall!

The new yellow basket went in baby's room.  I love the colour! (and I love that I didn't have to spray it myself)
And check out the pom-pom blankie my mom made! (draped on the crib)...Thanks mom!


  1. looks great! love that pom pom blankie too!

  2. Cute! Love the colour. The pom pom blankie is amazing. How in the world did your mom make that?!

  3. What a wonderful pop of color and love the blankie!!

  4. tHANKS...My mom can knit anything...she did this:

  5. I too love that blanket, great choice of colours also! I have knit in years, but my first grandchild is due this summer and would be an awesome gift. Could you please ask your Mom what skill level she thinks it is?

  6. oopsie..should have read "have NOT knit in years"

  7. Hi C!

    My mom says:
    I think anyone can knit this blanket. They just need to be sure to
    knit each string between the balls and that I did not tie the tails in
    I just left them on the back. You can tell her it is from Mary Maxim
    but the wool is in Zellers and I think Walmart. It reguired 2 big

  8. Thanks for the quick reply, and to your Mom also :o)