Saturday, February 25, 2012

Red and White Stripe Pillows

I bought two Red and White Stripe Pillows from etsy last week.  I LOVE THEM!
I am getting close to finishing my older son's room.  I feel like I have been decorating it forever...but maybe I should say we are just living in it, and the decorating happens...

I also made the long blue check pillow to squish between the mattress and the wall at night.  My son kept sliding into the gap.

Stay tuned for the full room reveal extravaganza in the next, hmmm, let's say two weeks!


  1. They look awesome and the long pillow is perfect. And I love the blog re-design, it is new, right? The header is awesome.

  2. Love the red and the blue combination. The colors go nicely with a dark brown bed frame. Look forward to the final reveal.

  3. Lucky little guy! How does he feel about the stripes?

  4. I love the new pillows - the room is looking great!

  5. Yup! New!
    Dabito, from oldbrandnew blog made the header and I played with the rest!

  6. He loves them!!! "so beautiful mommy!"