Thursday, March 8, 2012

Banana Bread Yes Please

We are having the 'lady who used to live across the street' in for tea tomorrow. I hope she likes buttery, chocolatey, banana-y* goodness!  I sure do!

*not BA-NA-NAY
Recipe Source: Quick & Easy Baking Recipes, Robin Hood Baking Festival 2002 (Free Promotion Flyer)


  1. I love banana bread. It's the perfect thing to eat with a cup of tea in the afternoon.
    And seriously, that crust on top looks like PERFECTION! YUM...

  2. My god your banana bread looks delicious!!! How did your visit go with the 'lady who who to live across the street'?

    To answer your travel questions- no I don't have any wee ones of my own yet (although I can't wait until I have some wee ones to drag around traveling with me), so not so hard to get away. It's so nice to be away - taking tons of pictures. Speaking of pictures - you take amazing photographs! I need some serious lessons in how to take better pictures (that are hands on, I don't seem to learn well from web based instructions - God knows I have tried a few times!).

    All the best - can't wait to see where your 3 trips are this year!

  3. beautiful images. I love choc chip banana bread too!

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