Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thrifty Saturday!

A pretty dish, some buttons, Maxey tin tray (it has a bit of rust, I hope I can get it off!) and beads to bedazzle...

Did you keep your pins from the 80's?

I think I may have? I don't recall exactly (which is unlike brain is chocked full of useless details)...If I did keep them, they are in my orange plastic rainbow brite lunch box...or maybe pinned to my girl guide hat?  I am going downstairs to dig through my two bins of keepsakes...cross your fingers!

Update: Found them in the lunch box!


  1. What is it about beads that make folks like us go gaga- I have bags of beads-- i just like owning them.. I never seem to do anything with them : )
    DeDe, Vintageandflea

  2. i still have some of my pins! when those World Famous backpacks were popular, i put some on there and they're now in some random box in my room. i might have more buried in other bins in the basement. i can't imagine that i would've gotten rid of them!

  3. I remember friendship pins with beads...seems like everyone had a huge bead supply back then too!

    Pin them to your shoelaces, your jean jacket, oh I many years have gone by but I still get excited over beads!

  4. I found mine!!! I will take photo of them!
    They make me happy!

  5. Love the tray! I wish we had the thrift resources up here...alas it Sal Mart...yup you read that right Sal Mart cute eh? However not very often is there much to find there...we do however have one of the largest and best Habitat Re-Stores you'll find...might have to visit there my next free day. Happy Weekend!

  6. Ha, I totally had some of those pins in my own childhood pin collection. Blast from the past!