Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who's addicted to toys?

I am!

I went a little crazy collecting Happyland sets from Winners*!  My sister-in-law started the madness by giving 'us' the post office set for Christmas!  We now have:

Tommy's Toy Shop
Mrs Morris' Post Office
Village Fire Station
Busy Work Site
Fun Fair Set

Actually, I only bought myself the boys four additional sets...that's not too bad.  Except, it's not exactly setting a great example.   Haunt me this will!

*WAY reduced from retail prices, and marked down again as Clearance!  Just you wait until my son is able to say 'BUT MOM IT'S ON SALE!!!'

 ps...I make little stories and silly voices.... we use the fire engine to save the kittens ...the busy work site may have caught on fire one time but we put it out...we've mailed everyone we know letters and birthday cards...Mrs Morris is a fabulous cook (I bet you didn't know that)...the fair is a great place to unwind after a tough day....clowns aren't scarey


  1. You are too funny! We don't have a matching set, but we have a great farm, a parking garage, race track and fire house - often connected with train tracks and attacking dinosaurs. Hubby does the funny voices, not me ;)

  2. Consider me an addict too but mine is Little, house, garage, tree house, downtown...I love them...maybe more than my girls do. I love that they aren't toys to be watched but toys to be manipulated, and imagined...I also love what you imagine with sweet and such a wonderful parenting example!