Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At my parents' house

We escaped Toronto to spend a week at my parents' house in Port Colborne.

How is it already Wednesday? The week is flying by!

I've hit up 4 thrift stores in Niagara with very little to show for it...I might try some antique stores this afternoon...or I might take a nap...

Are any of you from Niagara?


  1. A lawn mower that you ride?? Your son must be in machine heaven! My childhood dream was toride one of those!

  2. What a beautiful property your parents live on. Love that you've already hit up 4 thrift stores. That's what my mom and I do every time I escape the city to visit her. It's so therapeutic and downright fun, isn't it?!

  3. That's a toy bicycle tractor, but Dad has a riding mower too!

  4. Crazy Fun!!!!

    Does your mom go without you? I am trying to recruit my mom into being a pyrex scout...she isn't quite sold on the idea!

  5. Your parent's back yard looks amazing...Niagara is our little "escape" as well...Toronto is too crazy sometimes, dont you agree? Is there a project going on in the yard? I see a pile of dirt in picture #2.

  6. That's just a big sand pile! Sandbox not required!