Saturday, June 9, 2012

Searching for vintage in Port Colborne

On Thursday, I went into town to shop at the antique stores in Port Colborne.  There were only two open...the first was the Duke and Duchess.  This is in the old Dukes Hotel.  It is my new favorite place in Port.  LOVE IT! Seriously?? I think Sarah and Tommy should take a road trip! 

The scene as you enter
Vintage Melmac by Rainbowware

It's a big place...more to look at in the back
Love the colour of these...$350 each
There was a pair of small tables, $100 each, perfect nightstands
Love it! I think it was $375, I forget now...
The fire place is cool, ~475, but those paddles are great! $65-75 each
They have crates (this one $30) and rusty things
I WANT THIS BENCH...its super long, and I don't have a place for it! $300
I also popped into the Alphabet was my first time in this store (even though it's around the corner from two of my aunts' houses...and about five doors down from my cousin's)

Finally, I drove* over to Carocobi Antiques, but unfortunately, they are only open on Saturday and Sunday.  (The Viking shop was also closed and I put my face into a giant spider web when I peeked through the window, gross)

Carocobi, a huge barn full of treasures...

*Yup, I drove myself everywhere, I practiced driving every day last week...I almost feel confident enough to start driving in Toronto.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Shannon, I LOVE that desk for $375. Eek. So unique and beautiful. What fun.