Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Painting Picnic

The next time we painted, I swore we would do it outside.

Set up & Clean up: at least an 1hr (including 2 baths, since somehow the little one was covered in yellow!)
Painting time: 20 minutes - if that!

One happy artist!!!


  1. Love this! You must have some great family photo albums!

  2. haha, isn't that the story of a mom's life? I swear I spend the majority of our day cleaning up after us! Love that shot of the painty hands :)

  3. Looks like he had a lot of fun. The photos you took are really beautiful! So clear and focused. I know for sure we'll definitely experience this later on in life. Looking forward to it :) it'd be so much fun!

  4. Hey Shannon!
    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get those great planters (the grey ones in the background)

  5. you should have seen the painty feet!

  6. Hi Daniel - we bought them from the HorseFeathers closing sale...at least two years ago...

    They were the most expensive things I have EVER purchased (I am cheap, you see)...even at 50% off! And of course, I had to have all FOUR!