Friday, August 10, 2012

Washing the floor

The baby (9 months old today) is crawling...for us, that means washing the kitchen floor every morning.  I wash it with an old t-shirt rag and some warm water with a squirt of palmolive.

Washing the floors is a chore I enjoy doing. I always imagine the long line of women before me who have done this very same act, in this very same manner. I let my thoughts drift off. Mostly I imagine my Medemblik, a 14 year old girl, working for another family to clean their house. It's a narrative I may have made up...I am not sure. My Grandmother may have told me this story when I was a little girl. At any rate, day dreaming makes washing the floor quite enjoyable. 
ps. The floors need to be vacuumed by the afternoon...and a quick wipe after each meal.  
pps.  I also remember my mother washing the square tile floor in our tiny kitchenI can still see the wet tiles. I remember not being allowed to walk on the floor until it was dry.  


  1. I do the same. It does make it more enjoyable. Btw, that floor is beautiful.

  2. yay! happy 9 months bday for the baby!i love the smell of palmolive products and they are gentle for your hands too :) I enjoy washing the floors too, the fact that its clean to step on and smells good....Nothing better than that!