Monday, August 27, 2012

What are you thrifting for?

I dig through the children's book section at every thrift store I go into and usually find one or two each time I go. After vintage housewares, books are my second favorite thing to buy second-hand. I snag anything in great condition - new or vintage.   

Would make a good 'series'? If I asked other bloggers: "What are you thrifting for?"...I have never had guest posts on this blog...but I am interested in the answer to this maybe it is time?

Let me know in the comments if you would be interested! Has it been done already? 

p.s. When the boys grow out of these books, guess where they will likely end up! You guessed it! Garage sale or Goodwill!  We gave away a diaper box full of used books at our last garage sale.
pps. A reader asked me how I cleaned the books.... I don't!
ppps. We also enjoy going to the library every other week. The condition of many library books is abysmal.  If I had to judge (which I usually don't, because I am pretty chill about these things), I think the books at library are way nastier than the average book at Goodwill.
pppps. If you live in Toronto, see if you can make it to the main Goodwill on Bloor street on a Friday, when everything is 50% off. This location has a ridiculous number of books. The store can be quite busy, but there isn't usually anyone in the kids book take your time and really search through the shelves... 


  1. Yes! I would love to post about my thrifting...but my post might be a little boring, since I think I thrift for similar items to you....lots of books (this weekend we picked up a great hardcover Thomas book), turquoise Pyrex (who am I kidding...anything turquoise!), vintage kitchenware, mirrors, clothes, lamps....most of my house has been furnished from the Goodwill and Craigs List!

  2. I agree! I would love to post as well. I'm all over Goodwill, Value Village, Craigslist and to a lesser degree, Kijiji. I'm always on the hunt for furniture, decor items, clothes. I just scored a pretty awesome demin jacket from Goodwill 2 weeks ago for $7! :)

  3. I came across this great idea on Design Mom where a family participates in Free Library in their neighborhood. You would be awesome at executing it.

  4. Love your photos!

  5. I love to see your thrift finds.
    I thrift for vintage furniture, especially desks, vintage typewriters, folk art paintings, sculptures, and dolls, vintage and contemporary first edition books, (honestly, books of any sort), religious icons, vintage pointy-toe shoes, and vintage jewelry.

  6. that's a totally different list than what I am going for! I love the idea of thrifty folk art!!!!

  7. I love this idea!!!

  8. I don't have a denim jacket...I am STILL not over wearing a hand-me-down jacket in grade 8 that was SOOOO out of style by then....

    I wish I had that jacket now!!! It may have had southwestern inserts...but the cut was truly 80's ...the angles of the seams from the shoulders that taper in? That sort of thing? denim coats for me