Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little bit about the trip

We had a great time in Copenhagen!

We took both boys...they were on their best behavior - some of the time!

I found it challenging to keep my three year old in a happy mood.  When he is bored - he is whiny or fake crying/yelling.  If you resort to discipline, it turns into a full out screaming temper tantrum.  So we tried to keep him distracted and avoid getting to the point where everyone is in a bad mood.  Not easy, and not always possible.  We used bribes and bought quite a few toys - many of them from the thrift stores.   

The little one eats everything we do, more or less (he refuses most pureed food).   He still loves to be in the wrap. So he was ok...until the flight home.  Sorry folks!

Favorite meal was at BioMio in the meat packing district.  Or maybe sticks and sushi? The food was amazing!  We researched where we wanted to eat before we left.  We knew it was going to be expensive, so we cooked at the apartment we stayed at a few times to offset the cost of dining out.

Favorite activity was thrift store shopping (of course) and people watching.  Copenhagen is the city of sensible shoes.  I saw maybe two women in heels.  I suppose that is because everyone bikes everywhere...or maybe because skinnies and sneakers is such great look! 

Favorite memory, my son reaching the top of the round tower to proudly announce: 'Mom, I just farted'...every tourist who spoke english started to laugh.

I couldn't shake this feeling while I was there of how lucky I was.  If I ever return to the city, the sites will be imprinted with special memories of when my children where just babies...I tear up when I picture us as empty-nesters, making a return trip...knowing that I could no longer cradle my youngest in my arms and carry him around with me all day. 

ps. I have one more post in me, about people watching...and I may even show you my new pair of sneakers!    


  1. Kerry @ First Time FancySeptember 6, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    What a lovely city! Sounds like you had a great time for the most party! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself! :)

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic! Glad that you had an amazing time with the boys :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! So it's true that Nordic cityscape is not just blue and gray. Too funny about your elder one's farting comment. I hope you had videotaped it so that you could show it to his future

  4. Looks like an amazing family trip. You have inspired me to take our little man somewhere cool. I would love a post mortem on the packing situation. I don't think I could ever pair it down that much. I like have options.

  5. Great pictures! I guess your husband took them. I love the last one. Where did you stay?

  6. wow, those ARE great pictures. It looks like the clothes you packed were perfect too.

  7. These photos are awesome! Love all your outfits :)

  8. I love your wrappy thingmy. Reminded me to pull my giant grey wrap out of the cupboard. Perfect for a fall day. I'm jealous of yours - what a beautiful pattern.

  9. Sandra raincoastcottage.comSeptember 12, 2012 at 9:05 AM

    Lovely photos and description of your trip. The man has an extended leave next year and we are starting to plan our trip - and yes, it will start in Denmark. I cannot wait! Your posts are making me count the months til our trip. Any advice and recommendations would be great!

  10. Copenhagen was the best!
    I hate giving recommendations because everyone's taste is different! Still, here goes!

    Food: Sticks n Sushi, BioMio, Cafe Dryhaven, Aaman's, Meyer's Deli
    If you are renting an apartment and want to reheat some meals, try the lowest floor at Magasin department store...great (expensive, yes) grocery store

    We went to Tivoli in the late afternoon and evening. Beautiful at night. We ate at Wagamama. yum!

    Louisiana Museum is a must.

    Kronberg castle was worth the trip...especially after visiting Versailles in 2010

    CONSTRUCTION EVERYWHERE...seriously...everywhere...

    The city is small but full of great museums and restaurants.

    After 7 days we were MORE than ready to move on (we stayed 9 days). If we went without the babies, I think 4 jam packed days would have been enough. Oh, and things open late ... stores and museums were generally not opening before 10am anywhere (that was my experience,'s are open)

  11. wow what a place to take your boys! just read your most recent post about packing light and every trip I tell myself that as soon as I get home I will write down exactly what I actually wore so that next time I will know how much to leave behind... but of course i have yet to actually do it.