Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Around here

Jackets and scarves and extra layers are starting to pile up next to the door. I have so many great layers for this weather, so I try to wear a different jacket or sweater everyday.  Today I've already changed twice (and I haven't even left the house yet!)

Day two and the plant is reaching for the sky! You go! 

I hauled this cream and blue ikea rug out of storage to see how it would work. Blue is my favorite colour, so if anything, I feel like the rug is GREAT but the Kivik sofa is drab.

I am open to buying a crazy multi-coloured kilim for downstairs. Embrace the chaos that inevitably takes over the basement and add to it!   Forget cowhide or solids or black and white or even trying to 'decorate.'    

ps. I know, I know, the kivik looks soooo sad and droopy...


  1. I think with some fun pillows, the couch would look just fine!

  2. I agree. Colorful pillows would do the trick.

  3. The rug looks awesome and I agree with @19855a8932484ad3988ec6d17624d4c0:disqus & @eb2339cba2b1d2d6f53a9c88b0d6e621:disqus , colorful pillows will definitely do the trick!

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