Monday, October 22, 2012

Orange Juice

We also found two new citrus Pyrex carafes at Value Village. When my son saw me put the carafes into the cart, he asked if we could make orange juice.  I sliced the oranges and my son did all of the real work juicing them.  While I was taking these photos, he was calling over to me, "Mum, come see this one, this one is pretty good right? [showing me the guts of the orange he just smooshed] Mum? Hey Mom! Over here!" I think he might be a little sick of seeing me with the camera.   

ps. I am only drinking water these juice for me!


  1. I love those carafes! I bet that boy had to do a lot of mushing to fill those suckers up ;) haha.

  2. sundeep @ designwaliOctober 22, 2012 at 10:13 PM

    Great finds! FYI...I gave up sugar - day 11. So far okay - had a few blips...but trying harder this week. Tough to do when you are at work....

  3. So, along with your pyrex bowls I'm now obsessed with these. If you ever, ever see the orange juice containers again grab me one? I'll pay you back plus some freebies from the shop. :) (Hey, bribery sometimes work)

  4. I have four! Which one would you like!!
    Yellow with a peaked spout, 2L orange, 1.5L orange or white??
    Let me know!!!

  5. Whhhhattt?? You made my week. :) I'll shoot you an e-mail tomorrow! xoxox