Thursday, January 10, 2013

Basement Bathroom

This is a room I've finished decorating in my head, but we haven't executed. There isn't that much to do, really, and I may have said some (or all) of this before...

We are going to order a large poster size peel n' stick  image from posterjack for the wall across from the vanity/toilet. I used green tape to map out the size that we are considering. Now that I see it through the lens, I might have to go one or two sizes larger, to make the image fill the entire space. That way it will feel less like a poster, more like a mural, you know? 

We are waiting for posterjack to have a sale. We missed their black Friday 30% off discount by two days, and now we are sitting on the project. Yes, that green tape has been on the wall for over a month. We will wait an entire year if we have to...just to get a deal! I am sure you understand! (In the meantime, I should really take the tape down.)

I've moved the spider plant all around the house, and no matter what room it sits in, I forget to water it. So this morning, I pulled out the ladder and the drill. Here you go little guy - this is your new home! 

ps. I still haven't painted the vanity black...waiting for nice weather
pps. We need a stronger image in the white frame beside the mirror - something darker...waiting for my husband to print it. Actually, I am not sure if I have even asked him yet!
ppps. I need to fill the shelves behind the door with TP - up to the very top! You can never have too much...I will take care of it right now! 


  1. Shannon!! I love it! You did such a fabulous job! Love it!!

    Laura xo

  2. I love the idea of a plant in the shower!

  3. Thanks! I hope it lives...actually, I am hoping it has been clinging to life for a long time now! There is a lot of natural light in that room...go figure. The window is south facing and there is no obstructions blocking the sunshine!

  4. Thanks Laura! It is getting there! I see it in my mind...I know we will get it done eventually! no rush!

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I really like your bathroom light fixture. Where is it from?