Friday, January 11, 2013

Travel Bug

I finished watching season one of departures. If you like to travel and/or if you have ever done something bone-headed, then this show is for you! The program is really well done - breathtaking cinematography (some scenes will give you goose-pimples) and cool music (I couldn't image the show without the soundtrack). I like the earlier episodes a bit better, since there was definitely more testosterone in the second half of the first season.

These guys don't apologize for making travel the number one priority in their lives. Watching them push their limits and meet their goals taunts me to try and do the same. 

That's why I am putting together a list of things I want to do and see. Kinda a big deal, right? Writing it down means I am attaching some expectation to it, and I will be disappointed if I can't make it happen. So, with that mind, I am setting the bar only as high as I dare. Of course I need to share it publicly. I want the universe to know that travel is one of my top priorities (behind health and family)

Things I want to do:
- hang gliding (I wish I had the money and the guts to hand glide over Larrabasterra beach, outside of Bilbao, Spain. In my early twenties, I quit my job and spent a summer in Bilbao studying Spanish. I would often take the subway to the beach along the coast, and lose my head among the sails over the cliffs. If I never go back, I will always regret it!)
- sky dive, again (because I forgot that I jumped out of a plane the first time, until I was watching departures and I was all - been there, done that!)
- cooking class in Italy
- hot air balloon ride
- spend a Christmas abroad
- live on a different continent

Places I want to go:
- Angkor, Cambodia
- Machu Picchu, Peru
- Japan
- China
- London, UK
- Grand canyon, USA
- Fallingwater, USA
- Dubrovnik, Croatia
- Petra, Jordan
- Canada coast to coast with the boys (I've only been to Quebec, Southern Ontario and Saskatchewan.)
- Brooklyn, USA (I've been to NYC several times, but I want to walk across the Brooklyn bridge)
- Iceland
- Vietnam
- San Francisco, USA


  1. Do you mean 'hang gliding'?

  2. Yup!

    Hand gliding? Duh! Isn't that when you run through the kitchen with your arms outstretched, pretending you are sailing through the sky?

  3. Great list! My husband and I just started talking about what we would like our next big trip to be (we're thinking Machu Picchu). We went to Iceland on our honeymoon and it was amazing - I really can't recommend it enough. Such a beautiful country and amazingly nice people!

  4. San francisco a must for great food( especially fancy Vietnamese in the ferry building over looking the water) and go see the Redwood trees. I just came back and was there for NYE! Fallingwater me too, I want to go there too........But closer to home if you want to see Frank Lloyd Wright, go to the Martin house in Buffalo NY......then go shopping......Seriously my FLW tour was sooo cool and it was so accessible. I want to spread the word on that one:)

  5. That is a stellar list of to do's and to see's. Would love to visit even half those places.

  6. ooohh such a great list! I will come along for all :) Have been to Angkor and Vietnam - so much fun (and a little crazy). I love all of SE Asia in fact. I also want to go to a number of places on your list - primarily Dubrovnik...and San Fran is one of my favourite US cities hands down. I need to get this departures show!

  7. Departures sounds so much fun. I probably will pick up a season to try out. I really want to go to Petra Jordan but haven't been able to convince my husband to take the risk. All those destinations on your list are beautiful.

  8. i traveled a lot before i got married. i remember sometimes meeting people with babies in remote places and thinking "see, it's not hard, i'll keep traveling for sure after i get married." nope, didn't happen. my backpack has been stored away for 17 years now. i think you're right to make it a priority - time flies. i think i'll make my own travel list :)