Friday, February 22, 2013

120 trucks on the wall

We stuck 40 additional truck photos to our collage above my son's bed. He is LOVING this project!  Good thing too, since I am a little obsessed*

We have 120 photos - no duplicates. I want to add two more rows of 12 along the top - and turn it into a square.  I mean, two rows...that's only 24 more - no biggie!

When do I stop?

If you are thought, "Keep going until the wall is full!" or even, "Keep going as long as you are having fun!", then you are my people!

*On my walk today, I saw a ton of great trucks but I couldn't get my iphone out fast enough: Woah - what was that? Was that a Canadian Tire van with cartoon vehicles painted on the side? Where's my phone...patting my coat pockets...Ok, shoot - gloves...bite one off - tap, come on...tap, red light, red light...tap...Ahhh it's on video....are you kidding me? I should just walk around with my phone in my hand...but it's freezing out! My giant hood is blocking me. I can't see them coming. Ok, this is crazy, let's just get to my appointment and worry about trucks later...I put my phone back into my pocket...  Woah...what was that?


  1. Woah - that's a whole lot of trucks! (Yes - such a thoughtful statement from me today!).

  2. That is so fun Shannon! Is your son able to sleep ha! Leo would be talking about trucks all night long!

  3. Love the project. Digging the light fixture. Tell us more.

  4. Simple, fantastic idea! My son would flip for this.