Thursday, February 7, 2013

New pyrex plates!

This week, I found five milk glass pyrex plates with a hunter green double band at salvation army. The stripes appear black in the photo, but they're really deep dark green. I like them a little. The bands are utilitarian - all business. The fact that they are milk glass (& pyrex) is what really does it for me! Can I style up a table setting around this pattern?  Hmmm....

Anyways, my first love is the pattern on my other restaurant plates - bottom right. I only have four of them. I keep hoping I will get lucky and find eight more (or even one more...)!

ps. Thanks and shout out to Lisa at Under this Danforth Roof - who hasn't been blogging much (at all) since she returned to work from her Mat leave, but she is still busy thrifting!...she dropped off some pyrex bowls on my doorstep the other day!  Thanks again Lisa! You rock!!

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