Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrifty finds!

We stopped by Value Village to drop off four giant bags of stuff (and an old DVD player)...I poked around the store and found this milk glass tray (12 1/2" diameter). It is in fantastic condition...only $3.99! 

I also picked up a large yellow Rosti mixing bowl, a medium brass planter, and a stack of deep wooden bowls (still wet and dribbling water in the photo)

We've never used wooden bowls before. I imagine they will be good to take outside in the summer...for dry snacks, like popcorn! I am sure they have other uses, but they will most likely become our popcorn bowls.  Ok, hold up! Writing this, I definitely have buyer's remorse. I mean, bowls that only have one official function? I bet I will regret this!

ps. If google can be trusted, the cake plate is Anchor Hocking, 'Old Colony' pattern.  Here is one listed on Montreal Craigslist for $10.  


  1. You won't reget the wooden bowls. Non breakable, good for any snack, I have one I use to keep assorted junk on my night table. They're versatile, pretty and oh, non breakable (well, almost).

  2. Wooden bowls are typically salad bowls. I don't know why or how that evolved, but I do find my fork pierced salad better in a wood bowl. I think they are specifically for ceasar salads. Maybe just to match a well seasoned larger mixing bowl?

  3. wooden bowls rock! so great when out and about with kids (camping, hiking, back yard, etc.). great for soup, beans and rice, snacks, etc.

  4. kay* [chronicled-blog]March 9, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    i have developed a mild obsession with collecting wooden bowls when i'm out thrifting (and recently found one in the exact shape as yours...which i too blogged). i actually picked up 5 more today at one of my fave thrift shops....they are just so lovely..i love the grain pattern and if nothing else, will look lovely on display.

    actually, i find myself collecting anything wood - bowls, handmade chopping/cheese boards, handmade rolling pins....