Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Primping and Preening

I have been switching things up, moving things around, freshening paint, you know, being a busy little bee. When the boys go down for bed I go into full on try-this-try-that-stand back-take-iphone-pic-switch-things-try-something-else-then-put-all-the-extra-stuff-back-away mode.

Here are a few changes:

1- Hung a second framed postcard in the bathroom - the higher one. Why didn't I do this sooner? We had the matching frame just sitting in the storage room - duh!

I also switched back to a white shower curtain and donated the busy print shower curtain to goodwill. I liked the wild yellow green and blue ikat print, but it really wasn't me...I was inspired by blogs. I say that's like it's a bad thing, but, I am happy I gave it a shot! Inevitably, I was going to switch back to something neutral.

2- Switched to the grey rug in the foyer. The cream one needs to be taken in to the dry cleaners after all the snow we had last winter. Maybe it's a little too early to speak about winter in the past tense, there is still snow on the ground, after all!

3- Shopping and putting together some bright spring outfits...(camera worthy bright spring outfits)
4- Herb garden on the kitchen window shelf! The herbs are from Loblaws ($2.99, or maybe $3.99, I should have paid more attention...they were $3.99 at metro, I noticed)...they are a little yellow so I better get cooking!!

5 - Ditched the tray of cooking oil, salt & pepper and other miscellaneous things that was sitting on the counter next to the stove. (For now, you can see it in the house tour) I remember when I set this up! I was so excited! It was something else that I saw on a blog. I even ordered the vintage tin tray from etsy specifically for this purpose! Except, when I took a good hard look at the kitchen the other night, I knew I had to tuck the clutter back away. I stashed everything the cupboard immediately above where the tray was. Everything is still very accessible.

I also bought some new wooden spoons. My little guy loves to play with spoons, whenever he sees me stirring something he begs at my legs to be up. He only knows a handful of words, 'HOT' is one of them!

6 - Using the covered dish from last year's Blogpodium Swag bag. The dish is from Chapter/Indigo and is a great size to secretly hold my Nespresso pods. My previous apple shaped dish was pretty cute, but didn't have a lid.

7 - Painted the stairwell in the basement as well as the desk/wall under the stairs. Fresh and white and clean! A few hours (no taping, no drop clothes) and it was done! Now I will want to repaint every time the walls get scuffed!

8 - Taped a bunch of new roads on the toy mat. At first I went all random, and then decided to try and make a pattern...I like it! It's graphic!

The IKEA slide has been downstairs since the fall, I am not sure I mentioned it? I haven't met a kid that doesn't love it! The IKEA circus tent comes out periodically, then gets folded up and put away when the boys start to ignore it.  Right now the game is to zoom hot wheels down the slide into the tent. Hours of fun! (ok, minutes of fun!)

9- Hung a small painting over the thermometer. I thought since it is almost time to turn the furnace off anyways (not really, I wish!)...ok, maybe this was only temporary but I love it!

Ask me what's up!  I'm begging to be asked!


  1. Looks great! I love that rug in your entryway!

  2. ramblingrenovatorsMarch 13, 2013 at 9:17 PM

    What's up??? Who's coming over? ;)

    I still use that Chapters/Indigo dish too. Its got great texture.

  3. charlotte@marshallhousemattersMarch 13, 2013 at 10:10 PM

    Nice updates! The desk under the basement stairs looks great. The Fiest poster works really well in this space

  4. I'm envious of the Chapters/Indigo dish too! They have some great home stuff. So...what's up??!

  5. It's the Steven and Chris Show!

    TV time!

  6. Thanks! I love that poster!
    I think this was the last concert I went to, while pregnant...not at the location on the poster, but that tour

  7. The STEVEN and CHRIS show!!! Whoot!
    I did and update post!!

  8. ramblingrenovatorsMarch 14, 2013 at 4:05 PM

    Woohoo! Congrats!

  9. Awwwww SO AWESOME! Congrats Shannon! So hyped for you guys. Well deserved, your home is bea-u-t-ful!

  10. very exciting! you have a beautiful home. I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing your kitchen coutertop material as well as your basement floors (polished concrete?). Both are perfection. Thanks!

  11. What color paint is in your entry way?? It is a clean crisp grey!!!

  12. Hi Jill, The upstairs is all the same colour- para paint silver fox!
    we love it still after 5 years!!!