Thursday, April 4, 2013

New second hand books and other stuff!

Today, we went to Bathurst & St. Clair Goodwill and Salvation Army. We picked up a basket, a milk glass planter, some books, and a large (nearly 24 inches across) aluminum tray.  Goodwill had this super long bright purple velvet couch in the store. It was marked sold so I didn't even day dream about owning it. It was fabulous! Wait a second, I never say fabulous... I should say, 'it was AWESOME!'

More BOOKS! We are moving ahead with the bookshelves in the living room! Kerry, from first time fancy blog,'s dad is going to build and install them. He came by to measure yesterday. If all goes well, we should have them up in a couple weeks! Of course, this means I am on a book buying binge!

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