Friday, May 24, 2013

Party Prepping!

On Sunday, we are having a lunch party for my son's fourth birthday. It should be 17 degrees and sunny. Cross your fingers for good weather!

The last two days, I spent my spare time stapling paper rings together to make a long chain. The plan is to dangle it over the arbor in the back yard.  I also have jumbo balloons I want to hang off the trees. The balloons are multicolored.

My plates and stuff are primary blue...I wish I had more blue showing up in the paper chain (only one of three packs of construction paper had blue sheets, and that was sky blue) I go crazy and add random blue links in so it matches the plates? Do I say screw it?  You know I need to add in 'pops' of blue, right?

The menu is deli meats and condiments and cheese trays and veggie sticks and salads and other words: DIY sandwiches.  We are stopping by Costco tomorrow to fill up the fridge.  I am also making a cake in the shape of a giant number 4...with roads on top and some (brand new) hotwheels trucks on the roads. The sides will be plastered with smarties...

and that's it!

When it comes to parties (anything, really) I can easily spend spend spend without thinking. I buy something weeks ahead of the party and ignore that cost when I go out and see something I want to add. I seek out perfection. Wouldn't these be perfect for the party? Toss them in the cart...

I always say to myself that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to do something fabulous...and I truly believe that, except I don't live by it! What is the point of spending oodles on the decorations, and trashing them all the same day? Gross.

Here is our decoration cost breakdown:
- three books of construction paper ($3),
- three sheets of primary blue bristol board, because I am crazy ($3),
- a whack of balloons (~$10)
- cutlery and plates $1/pk...(~$10)
- cake candles ($3)


Plus I bought badminton sets ($13) and surprise bags for 11 kids ($32)...

We are looking at $75...and I can excuse the badminton sets...they aren't really part of the families just like a little active competition when we get together! I will have extra balloons for my stash...I was running low...

What do you think? Do you go all out for a party? Or keep it low key? Is money an issue, or just time? Are you having a party next week and you need a super duper long paper train (which may, or may not, have pops of primary blue)??

ps. the books are up...I will get back to you after the weekend...I need to take some more photos and I spent way too much time typing up this post!
pps. it's not even the money, but the waste...the waste gets to me. It could also be a waste of time, except I enjoy it...and the boys get a kick out of it, I try to get their help as much as possible, or leave it until after bedtime


  1. Sorry to leave an off-subject comment but I've been meaning to ask you this FOREVER...where did you get that light fixture? I think about it all the time!!! Thanks :)

  2. BAker Bone China Chandelier. bought from studio B in 2009


  3. It is a serious time commitment! You have to love it to go for it! I mean, you have to do it a little bit for you and a lot of know?


    I think we did ok for $75. The party is tomorrow. I am itching to decorate!!