Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This morning, I was pulling my son in the wagon when I came across a neighbor who was walking her dog. While the dog and my toddler got acquainted, the neighbour and I chatted about kids, traveling with kids, having more kids, the front yard, etc...

Stretchmarks came up. She said if there is any pink or red left in the stretchmark, there is still circulation...and rubbing bio oil into them daily will help them go away. If they are completely white, they are forever. I was convinced mine were already white, but I hiked up my top (while standing on the sidewalk) and they are pink!

I pulled out the bio oil as soon as I got into the house! I want to believe!!!


  1. pregnancy ad nursing - no stretch marks
    puberty -tons. I wish I had known about bio oil back then!

  2. believe - slap on some vitamin E while your at it!

  3. I have some puberty lines too! My knees and my love handles...except, I never even noticed them until I was pregnant and wondering about stretch marks...ignorance was bliss!!

  4. I have used it off and on and off and on over the last 4 years......time to commit!

  5. I wonder if the bio oil actually does it, or the body is just slow to heal? I will try and help things along!