Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo booth background

Everybody is doing it - and I can see why! This is the funnest toy ever!

My sister-in-law's sister's wedding shower is on Sunday. I offered to make a backboard for a photo booth. What I had in mind, was something shiny, like this one from what Oh Happy Day!.

But, I didn't have any shiny...

I walked through the aisles at Deserres and came up with this background!  Her colours are mustard yellow and grey...I didn't like the regular paper, so I decided to improvise

I used:
- 12 white bristol boards @99 cents each (they are 2/$1 at the dollar store, I think)
- one large piece of cardboard $6
- 1 tube acrylic paint $5.50, brushes, chrome spray paint (on hand)
- double sided tape, scissors, pencil, large level (for a straight line) and bowl (all on hand)

I sprayed the some boards silver, and messy-painted the others....traced circles on the back, cut them out, mounted them with double sided tape according to the grid I drew on the board.

It took me about four hours to do, and I stabbed myself under my thumb nail at least 5,784 times while trying to peel back the double sided tape. I hate you tape.

ps. the stupid strings are hanging out of my shirt...


  1. Super cute!I love how that background matches your tiger shirt. And I love the back of the tiger shirt! Great detail with the vent in the back. You are crafty! (in a good way!)

  2. shannon!! this is SO COOL. i love it so much.. so excited to see it tmr! (and to take lots and lots of photos!) thank you so much... so crafty - you're AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. This is CRAZY cool. I wanted to comment right away when I read the post but was at the cottage. You are so talented! And you have to remind me again where you got your glasses from? I think you told me before...

  4. Hi Shannon!
    It was nice meeting you yesterday at Rebecca's bridal shower! LOVE your blog :) I'm looking forward to following your posts!

  5. This is so cute. I love it. You’re really very talented and
    creative. And I am pretty you will all have a great time taking pictures with this background.