Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday at Goodwill - 50% off books

For a couple months now, at least, goodwill has been having 50% off books on Tuesdays. No more Friday fever (when everything in the store is 50% off and the place is chaos), now, each day of the week has different items marked down.

This morning, I bought a tower of books and two pictures.

I bought the print of a bunny bottom for the frame, but, on the way home it got dinged (top right corner)...still worth my $5! It is a print by H. Cady. This could mean Harrison Cady, who illustrated books and a comic strip about Peter Rabbit...I'm sure we aren't looking at art that is too important here, but it's a cute bottom, and I love it next to my naked chickens (bunny bums and naked chickens!!)    

I also bought a $3 vintage frame with an old photo of the windmill. Pretty sure that this was taken in Amsterdam. I will have to get out my wikipedia to figure out what park, but I am pretty sure, if you don't want to take a train out to the countryside, you can go to see this one petit windmill in town**
 ...Anyways, I like the fact that I could have taken the exact same photo as this anonymous person (but didn't...or maybe we did? I will check)...Is it odd that you can feel sentimental towards someone else's photo? How many people through the decades have the exact same vacation experiences?*

*I assume the photo is old, the photo is faded, and the burgundy paper is faded, but there is nothing to date it

**Cancel all this...it is not one of the windmills near Amsterdam (according to Simply Amsterdam)...I remember seeing a small windmill on a hill near a river, but I guess I was wrong... so much for sweet memories!


  1. I am pumped about girls like us...I keep ALMOST buying it on Amazon, then saying no, that's dumb...it will turn up. AND IT DID!