Friday, February 21, 2014

Free souvenirs (A truck update, or truck-date)

We took some truck photos while we were away - trucks and buses and cabs and trains...
The walls are filling up!

ps. The quilts are Nautica Chatham quilts from Bed Bath and Beyond. I've washed them a million times and they are holding up well - so far. The sheets are Pottery Barn Kids. The Triangle afghan is from Etsy.
pps. Do you decorate your kids room? Or just pick the bedding and give them the space to do their thing?


  1. I don't have kids yet but when I was really little, my mom decorated my room. When I was older, I think late elementary and middle school, she started letting me have a say with my bedding and then I could do what I wanted. I went through a Winnie the Pooh phase and then a celebrity-posters-plastered-all-over-the-walls (and ceiling!) phase, but I'd like to think it all helped me develop my style now haha

  2. How do the kids like sleeping in the same room? how does it work for you? bed time routine is easier now? I remember a few months ago you made the change. We are now considering it since our little one, just over 2 years old, still refuses to go to bed by himself and wakes up during night and...while our older one (6 years old) has always been good at bed time routine. We are hoping that sleeping in the same room helps the little one get used to be on his own during night...kind of.

  3. it is awesome!
    it took a while for me to be able to leave before they were snoring, months...
    they know now if they are loud, mommy doesnt sing, so my older son begs and pleads with his brother to simmer down. sometimes they just sing songs together and then go to sleep

    they are becoming friends, and i'm sure this was going to happen without the shared room, but the timing was perfect

    and yes, they do sleep through the night - finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they wake me once and a while, but never wake each other somehow!)

  4. when reno's done, we should be moving our room into the new space, and the boys will have the option to stay where they are, or take over the current master (our room)...i'm interested to see what they decide!!!

  5. this is it!
    i want them to be able to design their own space (within reason), but i also like doing it for them... they are still too little (they pick some stuff)

  6. Thanks for getting back to me. I shared the thought with our older son, who by the way shows tonnes of affection toward his little brother aaaall the time and to my surprise he said that he needs to think about it! ;) so I guess I have to give him some time to evaluate the offer!

  7. Let me know what he decides!
    My older son is more tired at night than my 2 year old, because of naps..