Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bathroom Mood Board

Boys bathroom

The contractor says demolition will start at the end of next week (sure sure)

Unfortunately, we won't be able to move the upstairs bathroom fixtures around (or make that bathroom larger, even though making it larger was what kicked off the reno!*).  The good news is that we will takeover the office closet and turn it into bathroom storage. Tons and tons of storage! Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!

ps. I know this look will work because I pretty much stole Mandy Milk's Bathroom Makeover (Canadian House & Home March 2013). She has square tiles, that sink, dark floors, brass, and black trim.
pps. It feels so good to get this off my back!

*It's a creative plumbing problem. He wont know for sure until he opens everything up. Bottom line, the floor joists are running opposite the plumbing pipes and the kitchen below doesn't have bulkheads, so he would need to get creative to make it work. Not that I mind. I'd rather more bedroom space, now that it's an either or situation!

update: Bought these:


  1. Well then, Mandy should get some mad props because the look is fabulous! ;)

  2. yah, i dont think anyone can own this look since sooo neutral, but i definitely searched for this specific sink, because it will work perfectly!!! (actually, janice life begins at 30 right found it at gingers!)

  3. but her bathroom is incredible and i would steal it all, anyday!

    i firmly want the tom dixon light now. it is the one. the ONE!!

  4. love, love, love...simple, classy, clean