Friday, June 6, 2014

New Ceiling / Ceiling Reveal

Look at that ceiling! Look at it! I am soo excited! It's magnificent! The plan, and this is exactly the way I put it to the contractor in technical terms, "The plan is to walk in and go WOW!"...and they pulled it off! Let me tell you! WOW!   

Shingles are on - we can't see a single shingle from the ground, no matter how far you step back from the house. I guess it didn't matter if they matched or not!!

Framing is pretty much complete. The ensuite ceiling was raised today. The step up (entire new addition is a full step higher than rest of the house) made that room a bit low, until the contractor took advantage of the vaulted ceiling joists and gave us another 5 inches (I didn't even notice, they just went for it, that's what they do!)

Next week: Windows (hoping), stucco at the end of the week (more scaffolding coming in), then soffit, facia, eaves troughs will fly...then electrical.

We have to draw up our electrical plan...all the nitty gritty and wishes. The contractor will take care of the obvious stuff, but do I want a switch to turn on the bedside lamps? Where, exactly, will the chandelier hang?  Where can I hide the hideous toothbrush and shaver chargers? How many sconces and where? Pot lights? Dimmers? Timers? etc...  any suggestions on things you would do, have done, or wish you did, please leave me a comment and let me know!!!

ps. can you believe it???


  1. Definitely put outlets inside the top drawers of your bathroom vanity. It can be done. As for the rest, I'm struggling with it myself.

  2. In regards to the chargers maybe make a fake drawer at the top of the cabinet ( under the counter like they do in some kitchens )...just flip down the drawer front and have the plug installed at the back of the drawer. You can either do a small shallow one if it's just a small charger or a normal size drawer if you need the height for the razer and toothbrush holder. The normal size drawer could still house other items as well.

  3. The ceiling looks great!! As for where electrical stuff should go, I'm no good at that, but I like Krystal's suggestion!