Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moved the boys into the old master bedroom

All the rooms upstairs have been shuffled. We moved out of the old master into the new master. I moved the boys furniture into the old master bedroom (second largest room). The toys went into the boys old bedroom (third largest room, no closet) and the toy room became the new office.

I was dreading this reorg because I thought it would force me to buy new furniture. This room is good! It makes me very happy.

We will transfer the truck photos from the boys old room to the wall behind their heads. Big job! There are a lot of photos!

I have (non matching) bed frames for both boys, but they roll out of bed. They also jump on the beds like monkeys. I could get bars to hold them in but why not just leave the mattresses on the floor I say! Easy...and looks good to me!

The light fixture is vintage, bought it at the 400 market last year for $128. It looked way out of place with my old master bedroom furniture but I like it with this room set up!

The mirror wall hasn't been touched.  I will leave the mirror in this room and raise it 3-4 inches. The family photos will need to come down.

ps. the next job is cleaning the closets and moving the clothes.



  1. You always scored the best lights! That vintage one looks awesome in your boys' room!

  2. Are those huge googly eyes hanging on the wall!?!?! Where on earth did you get them?? My 2 year old is OBSESSED with googly eyes....

  3. yup!!! from value village, wrapped with a puzzle so i didnt buy them on purpose!

  4. The kids' room at my parents' house (yes, there's a grandkids' bedroom there!) has the beds on the floor as well. The bed frames are ready to be installed as soon as the kids get older. The beds are low, but comfy!

  5. This looks wonderful Shannon - i LOVVVVVE that light fixture - not to mention the googly eyes. :)