Friday, August 15, 2014

Pillow Project

A little project I am working on that is going much faster (and sucking up WAY MORE YARN*) than I imagined!

I was hunting online for great pillows for the kids beds at the cottage and I saw fuzzy ones for $180 that I knew I could make!!!

I asked mom to bring up the leftover yarn and rug canvas she saved from when we were kids. She had quite a few colours and I hoped there was enough from this hodge podge to make one euro sham. At the time, it seemed like sooo much yarn, but it's all used up!

It makes more sense to start rug hooking at the bottom of the canvas and work your way up. I cheated a bit and hooked yarn guys all over the place in a random happy way. I wanted to make sure that the 80's colours were spread out all over the pillow, in case I had to buy new yarn to finish it off. 

It's loud, but that's cool!  I really love it!

Sorry, this post is useless as a DIY because I have no idea how much I have used so far, or how much I still need. I do have a link to colours.

I will come back when I am done the second (and third?) pillow with a cost breakdown. It's not going to be cheap, because of the volume of yarn, binding, pillow back and buttons or zipper...Still, I think I can get one done for $40-50...I mean, I hope it costs way less than that, but at this rate...

JEEZ it's 5pm...gotta start cooking! Whole rainbow trout tonight with tomato cucumber salad and veggie sticks.

Sources: Pillow One , Pillow Two

*have to order more from Mary Maxim to finish

ps. the kids LOVE it and every time I get it out they come over and fight over who's pillow it is...charming boys ps. I just thought of something! You could buy a latch hooking kit of a butterfly or boat or penguin or duck, as long as it's in a colourway you like, then scramble up the colours!!!! Way cheaper!!!


  1. This is so cool. I think I like yours better!

  2. I have been really enjoying watching all this rearranging going on at your house(s). Rearranging and reorganizing is the best! I am looking forward to seeing the new office space and the completion of the rest of the rooms (so much to see still!). I like the look of the beds on the floor too and I'm glad the truck photos are moving to the new bedroom because I love the look of those. You've been busy Shannon!!!

  3. GW in Leaside (Overlea) had huge bags of mixed colours of yarn last week...just saying...;)

  4. OMG i have to go there now...right now!!! Thanks for the tip, I am going to figure out how to get it tomorrow! If possible! (without driving, and with the boys...hmmmm)

  5. I'm so happy my SIL is having a baby this year so I can pass off lots of toys to her! My DD is really good at helping me purge, making piles to donate, stuff for baby cousin and the 'I think I want to keep this still' ;). Not to mention the off loading of clothes. Now if only we could get on a 'hand-me-down' train!