Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cedar garage

Check it out!

Here is the old aluminum garage door, fully clad in cedar. The rest of the front was finished in cedar so that all horizontal boards lined up. The back and fence side of the garage were repaired, plastered and painted. And I think you know about the light wall on the pea gravel side? Those translucent panels light up at night.

Apparently, the garage door motor and spring work together to pull up the door. The spring needs to be adjusted to handle the extra weight, and that's it! We are still waiting for the guy to come make the adjustment, in the meantime, the door opens and closes very very slowly.  

and that's a $20 black cylinder light from Lowes (we moved the electrical box down about a foot).

I think this might be a do-able DIY. I'm not sure, since it is way beyond our skills, and the guys had giant power tools. It seemed like it was a cinch. They removed the manual key lock and reattached it using a longer wire. The key pad was also taken apart temporarily. 

We are getting to the end of our home improvements around here. It seems endless, I know.   


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