Saturday, February 27, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week One Wrap Up

Are you tired of looking at dirt yet?  me too...

From my point of view things went pretty well during week one.  It wasn't too noisy in the house. The dust made its way upstairs though...I could smell & taste it most days. ........... Ok ok I will admit was horrible.  The noise drove me insane, the smell drove me insane, the baby caught a cold and became super high maintenance and limited the number of places we could go. I tried to keep in mind that they are doing this FOR me but I kept asking myself why the heck were they doing this TO ME!!!    

No surprise, we are getting out of town for the better part of next week. By the time we come back 'underpinning phase 1' will be complete and inspected by the city and the engineer.  This sounds like we are moving along nicely but I have no clue if we are on schedule.  They could tell me anything and I would believe them.  As long as they are here everyday banging away I feel satisfied.  Can you imagine doing this yourself? I just shoveled about 2cm of snow from the sidewalk and I am ready to take a nap (its super wet snow...).    you think they are peeing in my dirt? Because they don't have access to the upstairs, and there is no port-a-potty.

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