Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How big is too big?

Contractor #5 was at the house Monday night.  We didn't get along.  He answered questions he wanted me to ask so that he didn't waste time by listening to what I said. Oh that, and... he was a greaseball.  Near the end of this exchange he told us that the downstairs bathroom will be too big. (DH agreed.)  #5 thought we should shrink the bathroom in order to eliminate the turn in the staircase.  After he left, we sat down to dinner and I was irritated the whole time I ate my steamed fish and banana cream pie ice-cream.

On Tuesday I set out to defend my bathroom.  I grabbed a roll of green painter's tape and marked off the new walls on the basement floor (the dimensions are 10'2" x 6'6" in case you feel like trying this out yourself).  I then mocked up the toilet, sink, and shower.  I was shocked to realize that the new bathroom is actually quite small! (DH agreed.)

So now I am not sure if I should feel satisfied about being right (clearly it is NOT too big) or troubled because I was wrong (is it too small?).

Note: If you scrolled down after reading this to look at the layout I posted on Feb 1, you wasted your time.  I didn't actually post the final, final layout. About a month ago I suggested we make the bathroom bigger (adding at least another foot) by pushing out the 'wall-with-door' into the 'bar'. 


  1. I think the bigger, the better for bathrooms. My favorite bathroom ever was in an apartment in a converted attic - it was big enough to put a love seat in and it was delightful!

  2. I agree AQD! I've had them push the inside walls out as far as possible. I will still lose a few inches on the outside walls after they underpin. I am hoping to regain some of that by making a ledge.