Sunday, February 28, 2010


I picked up these Paris scenes last week. They are pretty old - I think 1950's (how's about that for mid-century).

Every trip to Paris I have wanted to buy art on the street.  Each time part of me scoffs and thinks, 'it's not REAL art', even as I become overwhelmed by the selection of which one to buy.  I had no such conflict when I pulled these out of the pile at Goodwill.
The Notre Dame painting is by M. Legendre.  It seems to be a print of an oil painting.  I can see perfect pixels along the Seine that give it away as a print, not to mention the paint has no depth.  Oh and water colour would not be so thick/rich colours. (I think, I am no expert, I talk out of my ass...)  Its still tres bon, no?
The second painting is signed G. Ducollet.  This one is harder to tell if its a print or not...tres jolie!

Both are on pretty heavy paper that has yellowed slightly overtime.  The colours are muted. They came 'professionally' framed in these retro camel colour wood frames.
I was thinking of displaying them in the upstairs bathroom, but in these frames they are slightly too big. (I think I will paint the frames out black).  I may just keep them around for when I have a quiet place of my own ...they would also look charming in a little girls room. 

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