Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soundproofing update

I got around to asking our contractor why the soundproofing we wanted was going to cost so much.  Turns out its some other guy's fault (of course). The contractor is getting charged an arm and a leg for clips and glue and had to pass it along to us. Well no worries, I said, because we can procure our own clips & glue. We found a decent clip that should get the job done for about $2/unit (by 'we' I mean 'the-nerds-who-answered-our-post-on-an-audio-forum' found an adequate substitute, thanks nerds!), and he was going to supply us with some pimped out $8 clip. Well I guess its as good an explanation as any, and we may be able to save about $1000. You see? This is why my motto is 'always trust a contractor' (sarcasm). The breakdown, in case you are nosy, is $2538 for materials, and $2947 for labor. Still ridonkulous, I know.

Breaking news...this just my DH wants to skip the clips and just go with R19 + channel + double drywall + green glue.  'skip the clips' ha-ha

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