Monday, April 19, 2010

Basement Underpin: Week Eight Wrap Up

Last week sucked.  The good:
  • framing is nearly complete 
  • resiliant channel is installed 
  • we got a quote for spray foam for the ceiling (2lb open cell instead of roxul) and that's what we are going to use. 
  • electrician came by, he will start wiring on Tuesday. We decided to upgrade the panel to 200 amps (from 100 amps).
  • engineer came by and approved all the braces.  
  • plumbing nearly complete 
  • picked up new permit to install fully operable window in storage room (on the south side/driveway side)
All routine stuff...until...
Friday afternoon they installed the pocket door kit in the utility room.  In the process of tearing out the sill plate to make room for the door, they ripped up a chunk of the concrete floor.  No biggies because the problem area is under the new pocket door kit and fully concealed.  However, they never bothered to move the wall with the electrical panel that was put up wrong back on day one. I told them the day it went up they needed to take it down, but I guess they prioritized.  What does this mean? No sliding barn door.  Well, kinda. I wanted a big door on an exposed track.  Now in order to avoid destroying the floor, we had to modify the wall and continue the ledge on both sides of the doorway (and leave the sill plate in the incorrect place).  The door can be a slider, but it will be installed in the laundry room, not the main room - totally different.
The second problem? Well, we finally got our boiler up and running. They filled the system with water on Thursday.  Then on Sunday we noticed water damage on the ceiling and wall in the foyer.  suuuuuuuuxxx.  We have no idea how the two are related, but the water could only come from the heating pipes.  The contractor came by immediately and we drained the pipes to take the pressure off.

Honestly, if you aren't encountering screw-ups during renovation, I think you aren't really living.

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