Sunday, April 18, 2010

Divide & Conquer

Today I dug up our granddaddy hosta and divided it into 8 separate plants1 ... .  I planted these along the north side of the garage and under the tree (marked them with sticks so I know where to water).  I wasn't sure what I was doing, I just went for it!2  I think I may have planted them too deep. Now what?
1. This was tricky, first of all, there was a stupid tree branch running under the hosta preventing me from getting good leverage with the shovel (and no stupid tree anywhere nearby, go figure).  Second of all, I was wearing plastic flip flops which really aren't the best footwear when you are trying to jump on a spade as if its a pogo stick.  Anyways, once I tore the root ball from the earth, I had to separate them.  I tugged at those roots, bracing my knee on the ground and using all the force I could was kinda fun!
2.  I seriously have gardening DOMS - I probably wont be able to lift my arms over my head to wash my hair tomorrow....and my right shin really hurts too, huh?

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